7th Logistic corp

???The 7Th Logistic Corp???

Available Areas: WH Space, HS and NPC Null sec

??? EU TImeZone ???

We are looking for New and experienced players to build a good community.

? Strong/Active leadership
? Blueprint Library
? ORCA/Rorqual Boosts
? Daily Industry Events
? Small/Alliance Mining
? Research/Manufacture/invention
? Laid back fun enviroment (No Drama)

We require:
? Discord and Teamspeak 3 with working Mic
? All pilots to be active, social and respectful towards other members.

Feel free to join our Public channel  7th Group PUB   

Or jump on to our DISCORD for a chat, https://discord.gg/VZKyV3K

We also have a PVP Corp for ALts. Apply

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