The COG Group

Greeting pilots
We The COG Group are a High sec corportion working primarily in the areas of mining and production. Our goal is to eventually produce the mighty ships of the universe, and the stations that hold them.

We are seeking miners at this time and currently are looking for pilots eager and up to the tasks at hand. We have positions open now for the willing and able.

What you will be doing:

Mining for the corp, sharing in the profit. Helping to build an efficient model to use. These positions are pioneering in nature, and will require commitment and involvement. You will be helping to form this venture from the ground level.

What we require:

Activity and involvement, presence at the helm and a positive attitude.

We will help the right pilots learn the skills and fly the ships that will be needed along the way.

If you wish to apply feel free

If you have questions ask a recruiter today Apply

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