The Dog House

Looking for a family- like EVE experience instead of a huge corp where nobody knows you?

We created The Dog House  to be just that!

 For our many activities here we’re still looking for new  and veterans members  who’d like to have a good time and advance our capabilities.

We offer :

  • A Welcoming , fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
  • Real Life  comes first attitude!
  • High quality Null Sec Home
  • Null Sec Mining (Moons, Ore and Ice)
  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Industry
  • Planetary Interaction

We are looking for :

  • Active, Relaxed mature players
  • Players willing to learn and help others when in need 

What is required :

  • Working microphone and 3rd party programs such as Discord and Teamspeak
  • Must be willing to train our Alliance pvp doctrines
  • Must be willing to participate on home defence and fleet roams
  • minimum of 10 million SP 
Time zones: Any

For more Info, join our in game channel: The Dawg House
Application Form
Why would you like to Join The Dog House
What Activities do you engage in and what Goals do you have in Eve
Are you willing to help your Corp mate
Are you willing to help defend our space if required

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