The Ebonhold Syndicate

Welcome To The Ebonhold Syndicate

We Of the Ebonhold Syndicate welcome you to our page.

We are grateful we were your chosen corporation we exist in high, low and null sec. We are still small we intend to expand our reach and influence. We are focused on industry, mining and trade as of this time and also can often be found doing agent missions as well. We do not have many requirements for anyone to join, no quotas to be met and no particular playstyle that you need to fit. We wish to simply enjoy all eve has to offer be it Sovereignty, PvP, PvE, Industry, Mining, Wormholes, Abyssal or any other style of play you are welcome to join us here. We hope to have a vibrant community and the only requirements are to be active, contributing members to our community, we do not wish to deprive you of anything you enjoy in the game and will do all we can to support your goals and ambitions.

Rules are minor we do not want anyone to feel unwelcomed so no racism, no homophobia and generally no toxic behaver.

We are not opposed to pirates, but we will not target a new player don't go out shooting ventures in High Sec.

Low Sec, Wormholes or Null are Free Game as anyone entering the before mentioned systems should know the risks of entering said systems and as such are willingly putting themselves at risk.

We hope to all grow together and generally enjoy the game and hope to see you in space pilots.


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