We Live in a C4 with C1 and C2 Static,We are Medium sized WH Corp, with very experienced Wormhole Members, We are looking to add New/Keen and Experienced pilots to our team.

Our Main aim is to Focus on PvP we do PvE eg Combat sites to pay for it and running cost of the Wormhole. We are a Mature Group of like minded players who enjoy small-scale PvP, we drink the odd bear here and there with a very laid back atmosphere. We have Players with Wormhole Experience over 5 years that keep it exciting for us.

Secure Hanger Access Via Assembly Array dont worry about ur ships getting stolen

We do have min SP of 5m That being said, we are a fairly understanding bunch, and are willing to change the requirements based on the individual, given that you are willing to train in to the required ships.

What we can offer:

  • Daily PvP Roams, Low Sec Dipping, POS Bashing
  • Good payouts on fleet combat sites run
  • Combat/Data/relic/Gas/Ore Sites
  • Planetary interaction with low tax’s
  • Excellent atmosphere close community good banter
  • WH Mapper (Patherfinder) (Must)
  • TeamSpeak (must)
  • Our Own Website - url coming soon
  • Ranks, Responsibility, looking for a new FC, and RO Officer, and some to take control of the website
  • Industry POS your free to do reactions, compress your ore and much more
  • Mining op with excellent payout system
  • Mining Boosts

What We Are Looking For:

  • 5-10m SP Minimum but willing to adjust depending on the candidate
  • Players who are active around 3 -4 days a week or more EU Timezones
  • Armor Based Ships or Willing to learn Armor Skills
  • T3 Ships & Logi Pilots are more than welcome
  • A little WH Expereince but not required
  • Chilled out Attitude Relaxed and Mature
  • Must have TeamSpeak installed and willing to use when online
  • Willing to Provide Account wide API for all chars

Come have a chat with us, Promise we wont bite…unless you want us to :slight_smile: Join “THR3SHOLD Recruitment” for a chat

For any Diplomat reasons please drop by our “THR3SHOLD Public” Channel

We have a short form which we ask to be filled in, If your interested in joining - http:// New URL Coming Soon

Come help us put more Greens on our Killboard

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