The 8th Tribe

We’re a small group of players who are making a fresh start with a new corp.

Operating in Great Wildlands, we’ve committed to staying independent of the large alliances and their power blocs. Our focus is on utilizing the resources around us to build a cohesive PvP fleet, based on Minmatar doctrines.

Our corp offers a nullsec experience based around teamwork and a target rich environment, outside of the big blue doughnut. We need PvP ready folks. We also need miners and builders to support our efforts. Newer players will find us ready to train. Veterans will find room to play critical roles.

*10M SP min

*Voice-comms expected

*Nightly Ops

*Personal time constraints respected

*Jump freighter, buy-back services

*Moon mining, pocket ratting/mining

Channel: TRI8E 


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