Inferno Wing

A chill corp, looking to have fun, not make money or take the game too seriously. We offer all popular job avenues and frequent operations. 

We have a safe space for everyone (even that racist uncle) and we are pretty lax about activity. 
Application Form
What are you interested most, in Eve? (Mining, Exploration, PvP, Missions)
What secondary jobs can you participate in, if any, in Eve (Manufactoring, Invention, Copying, Fleet Support)
From the ones listed, what is your preferance (Beer, Wine, Vodka, Spirits, Rum, Scotch, Tea)
What is your age?
What timezone you live in? (no summer time)
Given the oportunity, would you commit some of your time helping the corporation? (Outside the game jobs)
And the most important question of all. Do you want to join Inferno Wing?