Unwavering Endeavour


UNWAVERING ENDEAVOR is a mature corporation specializing in the mining of raw materials required in producing warfare commodities, including, but not limited to, ships, ammunition, rigs, and modules. As we grow, so too will our goals and member benefits scale. Come have a voice in Unwavering Endeavor, and join us today!

CEO & Founder:  mamelle 

What we do:
-Mining (either solo or in corporation fleets with/without Orca)
-Mission running (either solo or in fleet)

?Now recruiting!?
Both new and experienced pilots are welcome to join! Alpha pilot? Old veteran? While we are growing our industrial divisions, we are open to recruiting pilots of all types, no matter your specialization or interest. Come have your voice heard, and help us make a difference!

UNWAVERING ENDEAVORS is especially interested in pilots with the following specializations and interests: