Welcome to Shattered Foundations recruitment

Part of a small NB?PSI coalition with its main home in Shallow W-Space (C2-C3/HS) Shattered Foundations has plenty of opportunities available, Primarily we are looking for veteran players but will consider all applications on their own merit, are you an intuitive player looking for friends and a place to make their own? Do you wish to remain free of the amorpheus blobs and F1 hordes?

Warcrows are a casual and semi-nomadic PvP and Exploration Corporation living out of a Class 2 wormhole, looking for intuitive players of all skill levels to join us.

Our aim is simple, to help each member tap into their initiative and start creating their own content as a Warcrow, whether a Pirate, Explorer or just chasing good fights we are sure you'll find a good crew to roll with.

Primary Solo, micro and small gang

Send El Geo a mail and join our ingame recruitment channel 'APG Public' prior to signing up

Application Form
What made you apply to Warcrows?
What are your main interests in Eve?
Do you have a favorite ship and why?
What Timezone do you mostly play in?

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