☠ Combat-Oriented ☠ PvE/Small Gang PvP ☠ Indy and Explo Side Hustles ☠

Caldari Expeditionary Force
Supporting the Amarr Empire
✫ PvE/PvP ✫ HS/LS ✫ Explo/WH ✫
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Our Website in Development: **www.eveonline.info**

✓ Find us a target, YOU keep all the loot.
✓ Fast-moving small gang and cloaky.
✓ We lead from the front, by example.
✓ Video tutorials in-house, as needed.

We are looking for SELF-STARTING TEAM PLAYERS who engage with the broader group. We prune lonewolves.

Anti Tax: We formed as a proetest against taxes and mandatory fleets where we donate our time and harvest
Lead from the Front: Leaders are there with you in fleet, in comms, and teaching the whole time
Brotherly: Senior members look after junior members with experience, ISK, and gear
Aggressive: We take fights and try new things until we overcome, and are against content-denial
Casual: It is JUST content and pixels. They get salty and personal, we post memes. 

✓ HS Base, No War
✓ EU/US Times, Voice Comms
✓ FW Alt Corp, and Indy Alt Corp
✓ Heart of Devoid, 10j From Amarr
✓ **Very Casual**
✓ Alpha and Newbro-Friendly

✖ Meetings
✖ Tax
✖ Drama

Join In-Game Chat 'Got Content?'
Our Website in Development: **www.eveonline.info**
Application Form
Have you been active the last three months?
What is your favorite content in EVE?
Are you Alpha or Omega?
Will you PvP regularly/learn PvP?
You log in and nothing is going on, what do you do?
Can you fly any T2/3 ships? Which ones?
Do you have alts? What will you do with those?
Will you use the help chat, Google, and YouTube to find answers?
We are in Devoid region. Will you move to our HQ?
Will you join voice comms with a working mic during non-work hours?

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