Akavhi Guard

Come join 2,100 pilots in a fast growing NEUTRAL nullsec coalition for PvE riches and PvP glory! We are a multinational corporation based out of Deklein with PvP roots looking for both veterans and newbies. Join us in ratting, mining, exporation, PvP and more!

?Frequent small scale PvP
?Large scale alliance PvP
?Newbro nullsec training
?Growing nullsec trade hub
?Mining fleet w/ rorqual boosts
?Rorqual mining & carrier ratting
?Capital & supercapital warfare
?Laid back & social community

What we require:
Discord - our primary source of communication outside of game for both voice and text communication (mobile app available as well).
Full ESI - allows us to view info on your character such as mail, wallet history, etc
Application Form
Why do you want to join Akavhi Guard?
How did you hear about Akavhi Guard?
What are you looking for in a corp?
What are your primary interests in EVE Online?
What made you start playing EVE Online?
What timezone are you based out of?

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