Ailio Industries

Ready to join the Blood Eagle Syndicate and get into 24/7 PVP Content?

We run Faction Warfare as an international community, speaking mainly English and German. As an alliance we want to build a strong PVP group flying high quality doctrines as a well formed team.

We are willing to train newer players and PVP beginners if they want to build up their PVP skills and skill the doctrines they need.

In addition to Faction Warfare, we have access to nullsec space, have a functioning industrial wing, and conduct all types of operations: Blops, Ransomware, Station Defense and Destruction, Capital Escalations.

Joining us opens the door to a freshly formed alliance with nice people and access to great PVP content.

Application Form
Name all your Characters and link their zkill
What is your motivation for joinin the Blood Eagle?
How would you rate your PVP experience in small / midscale?
Are you interested in the Industry aspect?

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