Desi Beanz

We are a corp centered around players from the South Asian region, specifically India and neighboring countries. We are a proud member of Pandemic Horde

The goal is to create a friendly and social environment for gameplay in our timezone (UTC +5:30)

Highsec players who want to try nullsec are welcome.

Corp Requirements:
-30 days in PH inc.
-Talos trained

-Paladin/Vargur (optional/recommended)

[both is even better]
Alpha clones are welcome

Join our Recruitment channel - Desi Beanz Recruitment

Desi Beanz - Join the Desi Squad
Desi Beanz Discord - here

Application Form
How long have you been playing eve?
What timezone do you play in?
Which faction do you fly the most?
What are your social skills like?
Would you be up for leading smallgang fleets?
Do you actively participate in fleets?
Are you interested in participating in corp related activities?
What kind of a player are you?

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