Welcome To Duty. Corporations Applications page

Please use the application link below to submit your ESI.

Please do not apply until you have spoken with one of our recruiters


  1. Answer the questions and click apply
  2. Authorize your ESI checks
  3. Once done, click the "log in" link and then select 'add alt character' and add all the additional alts that will be joining Duty. Corporations
  4. Notify a recruiter you have finished the application and adding your characters

While you wait for a review and corp invite, you can go to auth.weformvolta.com and start adding characters to the coalition auth!

Any questions please join Duty. Lobby in game or our discord and hit us up.

Application Form
Do you have a personal Vouch? If so, who
What is your primary timezone
Please List all alts you are applying with
Which recruiter did you talk to
Which Corporation are you applying for


Duty. Joint Harvesting

What kind of gameplay is is your bread and butter

Small Gang PVP/roaming

Big fleet battles

Spooky blopsboi and/or Wormhole diving

PVE - Mining, ratting, missions

PVE - Industry


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