Welcome to Eticia Recruitment!

Eticia is a wormhole corp. Our primary goal as a corporation is to empower our members to profit from the corporation and to let players access game content otherwise not available to them without a community of players. Our community is very important to us as well as every member.  We emphasize communication, teamwork and most of all to have fun! We are looking for Capsuleers with all experience levels! Alpha and Omega Clones are welcome!

We offer a Discord Server to Corp members to keep in contact with each other in and out of game. We require server use during fleet ops and Corp events. 

For recruitment inquiries please find us on our recruitment channel in game Eticia-Recruitment, EVEMAIL:  Craigbert Nardieu  or go to our public Discord

You can also apply by clicking apply below! We look forward to flying with you!

Craigbert Nardieu

CEO & Founder Eticia


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