Gladiators of Rage


If you've found your way here then you're either interested in joining Gladiators of Rage [GLD], or you have been directed here to complete background checks.

If you have been directed to this page by a recruiter then excellent! - Please complete the below form, hit sumbit and then add every toon you have as an alt on the next page.

If you haven't spoken with a recruiter yet please speak to us in the GLD Public channel ingame, or on our Public Discord server which can be found here.

Application Form
Who is your main character?
List all of your alts:
What is your Discord handle?
How old are you in real life?
How many hours a week on average are you active?
How long have you actively been playing Eve Online?
How do you make your ISK?
How do you pay your subscription(s)?
What are your main timezone(s)?
What Capitals can you fly?
Can you fly Capitals on an alt or main only?
What Capitals do you own?
If you own a Supercarrier/Titan, do you have a Fax alt?
What attracted you to GLD?
What can you bring to GLD?
Have you ever been kicked from a Corp, if so, why?
We may approach your previous Corp if we feel it necessary, who is the best person to contact there?
Do you know anyone in GLD who can vouch for you?
Any other information that may be relevant to your application?

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