Horizon Group

Greetings capsuleers!

Horizon Group was formed on December 2019 by an old veteran who thought other corps were missing something in their way of handling things.

Main focus of our corp is mining and industrial side.
We have members who do little bit of everything, from wormholes to trading and to small scale pvp.
Alliance has alot of members doing missions, wormholes, exploration and other activites.

Relaxed and laid back corp. EVE is more fun with a good group!

- US/EU timezone

- IRL comes first. Always.

- Partly mandatory - Ore buyback program > done with mineral value instead of ORE value. Corporation takes exactly 10% profit for transporting and refining of the ORE.
Compared to "other" corporations giving you 90% ORE value.. And that is about 20-40% profit depending on the price of the day.. Fair is fair.

- Ship manufacturing for members

- Moon Mining

- New player friendly

- Mining Boost in Fleet

- Discord & English language

- Alliance has members for all timezones so you're never really alone.

Main goal of the corp is to get a good bunch of people together, enjoy eve!
Feel free to jump to our discord and chat with us in there - Horizon Group Server

Application Form
What are you looking for in the Corporation ?
What timezone are you? evetime +x or -x?
Do you have a problem with really really bad sense of humor ?

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