Central Collective

Greetings, Pilot.

Central Collective is currently recruiting mining/PvP pilots to support our rapid growth.
New players are also welcome to join and learn about Eve Online from experienced players.

What we offer:
- Corp chat active in AUS/US timezones.
- Support for individual and group playstyles.
- Comprehensive buyback program.
- Mining ops with full logistics support.
- Ship replacement program.
- Access to large scale fleet PvP.
- Small scale PvP.
- Access to null/low sec content.
- Active PvP response fleets.
- Upwell structure access.

What we want:
- Minimum 3 month old character.
- Minimum 5 million skill points.
- Applications must be made in-game, and through the Eve-HR form.
- Applications through Eve-HR will provide Central Collective with ESI access to your Eve character.
- Participation in regular corporation activities is not required, but it is highly encouraged.
- Strategic fleet ops are a different situation, if you're online you answer the call.
- Be active and engaging, contribute to the corporation in any way you can, help new players achieve goals etc.
- Act like an adult.
- Using corp/alliance IT systems is a requirement.

How to find us?
Either join our Discord or mail Bixt Zeta in game.
We also have a recruitment channel open at 'Central Recruitment'.

What is expected of me?
- Read and follow our clearly displayed guidelines.
- Answer the call for strategic ops.
- Balance real life with Eve life.
- Have fun.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below and apply to The Collective in-game.

~ Central Recruitment
Application Form
What sort of Eve player would you describe yourself as?
What do you bring to The Collective?
What can The Collective do for you?
Do you have any alts? If so, what are their names?
Are you comfortable using voice comms?
Are you comfortable with an ESI background check?