We are picking up where we left off 5 years ago. If indiscriminately blowing things up for tears interests you we will help.

What we require:
-40mil sp (if your close we can still talk)
-Logistics level 5 required by all members on main/alt
-Participation in corp/alliance ops
-Experience in PvP fleets

What we offer
-good times
-long time friendships
-real life comes first
-experienced pilots and fc's
-chance to grow and build your characters/skills
-small gang and large scale battles
-alliance level benifits (SRP, fleet ops etc)
-isk making opportunities for alts

We have been in this game for at least 12 years. Most of us have been around since the game was in Beta. Real life took over for the last 5 years and we are now trying to get some pilots together to continue our shenanigans. Invicta's experiance and past is in low sec and recently we joined Pandemic Horde to join in on the nul sec wars. Horde is great for new and old players alike and has been a blast joining up with them getting plenty kills/content. We look to expand being in Horde while at the same time keeping to our low sec routes doing stuff there as well if nul doesn't appeal to you don't worry we still do low sec stuff :) Join our public channel "Invicta. Pub" for chat and more information on how to join.

Invicta is an old corporation. We are selective. You might not make the cut, but you should try. Oh, and Derwent made us a [LOGO](http://i.imgur.com/URxCVYx.jpg)



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