Mischief Marauders

We are looking to expand and grow with active members.

We are a Null-sec corp that enjoys bullshitting with one another on comms.

We like PvP content but are not limited to it.

We have a real life comes first mentality.

What we offer:

  Null-sec ratting

  Null Indy/Mining

 Solo and Fleet PvP opportunities

Life comes first mentality

Coalition fleet opportunities

Alliance SRP

Promotion opportunities

What we are looking for:

New & Vet Pilots welcome

 Willingness to train into doctrine ships

Pilots with at least 3 million SP preferred 

 Pilots who want to engage in solo/fleet PvP

 Ability to use Discord/TS3 when in game preferably with a mic

What we require:
ESI Check

Step 1

Please send an in-game application to "Mischief Marauders" with your main character that you would like to join the corp with.

Step 2

After your character is authenticated with Eve-HR add all alt characters to your Eve-HR.

Go to MyApplications and click "Add Alt Characters".

Step 3

Join our discord by clicking -----> Mischief Marauders Discord Invite

Once you have joined type "!apply" to join recruitment channel.

Step 4

Answer the questions below and click the apply button.

Feel free to join our in-game public channel: Marauders Pub

If you have any questions feel free to hit up our recruiter in-game: Sneergllaw

Application Form
How did you hear about us?
Do you have Discord/TS3 and a working mic?
What is your time zone you play most in? ex. CST or UTC -6

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