Ministry of Furious Retribution

Hi there

Ministry of Furious Retribution (MOFR) are recruiting EUTZ!!

We are a close knit bunch of guys and girls that enjoy all aspect of eve and the 0.0 life we are looking to recruit more people and grow the corp. plenty of laughs to be had and there is always something to do here. 

Who we are:  MOFR is a new corporation with very experienced pilots from all different types of play styles in eve .....weather it be PvP, mining, exploring we have it all here any active that wishes to expand there gaming experience.

Currently we’re part of Fraternity, and you’re welcome to join us! 

Our corp kill board:

What we offer:
* PvP all forms - juicy kills...big fleet, small fleet, hotdrops, PvP training
* Many ISK Making opertuninitys
* Very socialy friendly EUTZ and US corp
* Infrastructure
* Mining and production
* Moon mining
* Safe ratting
* Logistics
* Exploration
* Alliance level SRP
* Strong alliance and blue umbrella
* PI
* Beer and cake

Here is our pilot requirements

* Omega pilots only - 20 MILL MIN REQ
* comms interview and esi check 
* PvP interest and solid understanding of game mechanics.
* Have a mic and vocal on comms ...make friends
* Able and willing to fly doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
* Dread and Carrier and supers are a plus.
* Active and willing to get stuck in
* Willing to learn
* Contribute any way you can to our corp

Please Join our discord for more information or to ask any questions. https://discord.gg/vhzku37dTS

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