Multispectral Temple

Multispectral Temple - zero tax for your future.

We are small corporations with zero tax. 

We have the best possible offer, personally for you. We need only your trust.

We offer:

Zero tax.

Various ways to make your ISK.

Spider mission fleet.

Mining ops. 

SRP for one shuttle in a week. ( or unlimited number of corvettes )

Discord. ( for our operations )

We need:

Courage to make a stupid things. ( we have a lot of ideas )

SP minimum  0.

ISK minimum is 0.

Age minimum is 0.

Brain cells minimum is 0. 

Alpha is Ok.

How to:

We do not need you ESI, ISK or anything else.

You can ask your questions in our public channel or by mailing recruiters.

You need simply apply to join.


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