Intaki Syndicate Militia

Intaki Syndicate Militia, specialising in interdiction and small gang tactics we are looking for like minded players to join us in Syndicate; those that are used to flying solo, using wormholes, flying interceptors and interdictors and are generally self sufficient make the best candidates and are likely most suited to our "way of life".

Why Syndicate? being null security the area can be used to make isk whilst scouting for wormholes and targets of opportunity both for content and profit. Syndicate also benefits from being close to high and low security areas and is itself NPC space. This means no sovereignty which is good for a more casual approach to the game i.e. very few if any CTA's. Money can be made running 'pirate' missions for the Intaki syndicate, Thukker Tribe or other various NPC corps, by running DED, relic and data sites, by mining or planetary interaction and of course piracy itself; when the opportunity presents itself.


exceptions can and will be made for newer players wanting to learn more or get their first taste of nullsec as well as returning players looking to get back into things in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Applications should be made here and also ingame with a little about yourself, what you do in eve, what timezone you mostly play in and your expectations for the corp.

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