Primus Societas

Primus Societas - Industry, PvE with a dash of Pew

We are a corporation that primarily focusses on industry. As such the following activities are a recurring thing.

  • Fleet Mining Ops - roids, ice, gas, often boosted with compression enabled.
  • Manufacturing
  • Hauling
  • Trading

Other things we do that supplement our search for manufacturing materials aswel as our big fat wallets are.

  • Data & Relic Sites
  • Mission Running
  • Escalations
  • Abyssals

Our area of activity is primarily highsec, not far from Jita. So there is enough oppertunity for trade. With a couple of stints into low and nullsec.

All these things put together make Primus Societas an ideal corporation for the beginning or returning capsuleer. It does not matter if you are an Alpha or Omega to join. The things we value in our members are.

  • Teamwork
  • Comradery
  • Activity

What we offer our members is a drama free environment where each member desides their own level of involvement with the corporation aswel as.

  • Experienced Leadership
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Comms through Discord
  • Always people around (alliance)

If these things resonate with you please give us a chance and apply today.


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