Salty Socks Inc

We are looking for players of all races and specializations, new or experienced. 

We are alpha friendly and will provide all necessary help for new players.

What we do….
- PVE -
All 4 levels of mission running
Scanning / Exploring signatures
Abyssal Deadspace

- Industrial -
We have access to a Azbel for production, research and invention all with a 1% tax rate.
Mining ops (Ice, Minerals and moon mining) with Orca boosts.
We also have access to refineries with 1% tax. But if you just prefer isk I will buy your ore in the belt at amarr average sell prices so saves you going around selling ore etc.
Planetary interaction
Market trading

If you are interested in joining our corporation please read the following…

We require:
Being 18+
fluent english in writing and speaking
Not being a pirate.

We offer:
All the stuff listed above Plus
A lot of advice from experienced players, some of it is quite good.

? General info: ?
Our headquarters are in Yeeramoun VII - Moon 2 - Amarr Civil Service Bureau Offices 
Corporation tax is 5% this is flexable for when we get more members.

Want more information?
CEO: dagley 
DIRECTORS:  Rixyy Altol, Cpt-CupCakes 
Application Form
What is the main reason for you being interesting in our corporation?