We play our games within a sandbox. A vast and virtual expanse that is only bounded by parameters of code and our own imagination. Sutasodo is here to teach new and old players alike, about that which is New Eden; What it is and what it could be. We exist to create content, both for ourselves and for others. We hope to one day leave a mark in the history books of Eve Online, and perhaps like others to become legends that all new players learn about.

Sutasodo is a corporation that is currently located in high-security space within the empire of Amarr. We are seeking pilots of all skill levels to rediscover Eve with us. Our leadership traces their playing back to 2004-2005 and has extensive knowledge of eve mechanics, strategies, and play styles for high, low, and null security space. More than anything we want recruits that are willing to try new things more than once and willing to be taught better ways to do things.

We Offer

  • Highsec Living
  • Player-owned structures
  • Vectors into most forms of play within New Eden
  • Inter and Intra Corp competitive events
  • PvE and PvP
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Help with ships and skills

You Bring

  • A willingness to learn
  • Dedication
  • A want to improve the game for everyone
  • The ability to use Discord and Teamspeak voice communications
  • A desire to be part of a team

We are heavily into the meta of the game. We are involved in projects from software creation to content creators all over eve so we are also looking for people with real-world skills. These include Web Designers, Videographers, Technical and Print Writers, Spokespeople, and Programmers to name a few. If you are a creative type who has experience running scenarios and campaigns, we want you as well.

If any of this catches your eye please hit apply, below. If you need more information please visit us on our in-game public channel sutasodo-pub.


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