Steel War Hounds Co.

Everyone Welcome New and Old 

  • Novice-Friendly
  • No Stress Environment
  • 2.5% Tax
  • API Checks Will Be Done
  • Corp is in a C4 Alliance 
Our activities (these are what we will try to do as we grow):

* High sec exploration

* Mining (solo and corp level fleets)

* Mission running (solo and group/alliance)

* Manufacturing

* Research and Invention

* Trading and hauling (solo and group/alliance)

* Null/ Low/ High Sec PVP (it will find us eventually so be prepared)

About us!

We are a UK founded Corporation, We are a community that has played games like ARK and we have decided to go to another game WarThunder, EVE Online and we looking for people to join us it doesn't matter where you are from or how skillful you are as long as you are active!

Future Goals.

To be the biggest and best corp out there to be able to take on other corps and defend our own corp or alliance.

Website Sign up is Required

Discord is Required

Must speak English

Absence for more than 30 days you will be in danger of dismissal from the Corporation

Extra Information!
Website Link: Steel War Hounds Co.

Discord link: Steel War Hounds Co.

We are a new Corporation please join and grow with us 

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