United Operations of Dominion

Hello Spacefriend!,
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Who are we?

We are an alliance based in Caldari and we mostly take care of industry and manufacturing. We operate a friendly, easygoing ethos and welcome applications from both corps and individuals, from both PVE and PVP backgrounds.

zKill - With the alliance being brand new and fresh off the press, we need to start padding this!!
EveWho - Aiming to be the biggest corp in 7SINS by end of February
Dotlan - A more comprehensive look at things

What content can we provide?

        PVP & PVE




        Universal Timezone Activity

Our Current Setup

6 HS Athanor
1 LS Athanor
1 HS Raitaru 

1 HS Astrahus

What we are planning 

1 HS Tatara
1 HS Azbel

Happy so far?

Feel free to send in an application with details about you if you're satisfied we're a good fit. Otherwise, please join the channel "Coalition of Carebears" to chat with a recruiter.

Are you new to Eve?

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Application Form
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