VM Industrial Solutions

Vile-Manus Industrial Solutions [VMIS.]
Founded: 03/25/2022

VM Industrial Solutions [VMIS.] is a newly established industrial corporation primarily operating out of High-Security Space. We strive to provide new pilots with a place to learn the necessary skills to make a living in this cruel world.

Who we are looking for:
- Both veteran and new capsuleers
- Miners
- Industrialists
- PVE Bounty Hunters/Mission Runners
- Small Group-oriented PVP Pilots (we will train you)

- None!
- Just be eager to learn and make some isk!

Join our EVE public channel for more info:
Or contact:
Coti Isu or Vile Elongur

Application Form
Main Character
Alternate Characters (Joining corp)
Discord (Username#1234)
What do you mainly do in EVE?
Why do you want to join VMIS.?
How did you find out about VMIS.?

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