War Targets.

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WAR TARGETS. is an Amarrmil FW Corp in Empyrean Edict

➽ Alliance and Blue fleets EVERY Day
➽ Find the Corp a Target, YOU Keep the Loot
➽ Recognize Aggression and Leadership
➽ Focus on Activity More Than Green Lines
➽ Campaign-Driven, With CLEAR Short-Term Objectives

Join In-Game Chat ‘Got Content?’
Or Our Got Content? Discord
Our Website in Development: www.EVEOnline.info

✓ Non-FW Alt Corp and Indy Corps
✓ Strategic HQ
✓ Very Casual
✓ Alpha-Friendly
✓ Learner-Friendly
✓ Small Ship/Gang
✓ Infrastructure, Services

:heavy_multiplication_x: Meetings
:heavy_multiplication_x: Tax
:heavy_multiplication_x: Drama

Application Form
Our side is always active, but we can run formal fleet late US evening. What EVE times are you going to be active?
Any other details, like where other toons are, what they do?
Are you applying with your main, or alt?

Main. Will link alts here for you, explain what they will do.

Alt(s), will also link my other toons here for you, explain what my main is about.

Will you join Discord or TS3 comms with a mic?
You log in, no one in corp is on, what do you do?

DM the CEO in Discord to ask when busy times are, or when he'll lead fleet

Check pings in corp AND alliance Discords for fleet times

Join one of the often MULTIPLE blue fleets in Fleet Finder

Join alliance and blue comms to see where there's content

Open The Agency and find systems with few plexes for a fight, or lots of plexes for some LP

Ask where the action is in the militia chat of over 100 pilots

Do you use YouTube, Google, and Rookie Help Chat to find answers?
We omni train small stuff, and have alpha skill plans to help, but will you also train heavier ships?

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